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Imagine a shared computer, a single source of truth where events ownership and activities are stored. Transactions from numerous entities executed without separate systems and databases with no need for reconciliation.


That is Blockchain for you…..

Blockchain changes the rules, prepare for disruption or get disrupted.


We offer a range of services on applying distributed ledger technologies.

Starting with education, idealisation, strategic advisory and followed by assisted use case evaluation.

In addition, there is proof of concept and pilot right through to the delivery of production-ready enterprise solutions.

Our objective at the Syd Blockchain practice is to help you answer these questions:

  • What is Blockchain?

  • How and where can I use blockchain?

  • What benefits and opportunities can blockchain based solutions offer?

  • What does the blockchain ecosystem look like?

  • How do I implement a blockchain solution?


Talk to us to get insightful answers to these questions.

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