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Syd is passionate about BAU, you need to be as systems running when they should as they should is absolutely critical to organisations. Delivering projects is often the sort after part of the industry but is really only a small part because as soon as a system goes live it is must be managed correctly to deliver as planned leading to the delivery of value from the often significant investment. At Syd we have a team of consultants which focus on the many and varied BAU tasks that come out of a live system. Proper communications, understanding and prioritisation of calls is vital to successful BAU support and this can only be done if you really get to know your customers, lucky we at Syd enjoy talking to and working with our customers. Syd’s first customers were support customers and BAU will always form the core of what we do. We currently have 4 support customers and provide a combination of project and support to 2 more.

BAU Support


Cloud Adoption

We performed the world’s first SAP migration to the Microsoft cloud, Azure, early in 2013 and have been working with the cloud ever since. Syd itself is a completely cloud based organsiation.  We have now performed many SAP and non-SAP migrations and manage a number of cloud based environments. We also presented at the last two TechEds here in New Zealand on our learnings. The reality is the technical side of moving to the cloud is the easy part, the challenge is in getting the organisation to truly adopt the new paradigm and realizing the benefits the cloud can bring.

First Azure SAP Migration Case Study:





Customers enjoy flexibility and a robust look and feel. A good UI is key and it enables a positive User Experience. With SAPUI5 technologies that is exactly what is available such as drag and drop and in-place text editing and more when adopting SAP Fiori apps. SAP has released a number of these apps now and we are heavily involved in rolling this out.


All of the Syd people are consultants, it is what we do, we live it and we breathe it. We see a consultant as someone who focuses on helping the customer get what they need, someone who brings with them experience from other sites and uses that to assist the customer get value from their systems. Sure everyone says this but ask our customers we deliver it. We cover almost all areas of SAP consulting with a strong Basis/NetWeaver team and the standard FI/CO, MM, PP, SD, HR, PS, PM ABAP and BI skills. We also don’t have a standalone BAU team, we know that the support of a system is as important as the implementation, often more so, so we make sure the quality is there through the whole system life cycle.


SAP Consulting


Contractor placement is an important part of the service Syd provides as we come across a huge variety of requirements, covering a wide range of technologies and the customers require flexibility, so we provide it. New Zealand has a lot of top level consultants, some of which prefer the flexibility of working on contract, so we place contractors into roles where it makes sense for both the customer and the contractor. We do more than just place the contractor though, initially we carefully match the contractor to the requirements then meet regularly, with both the customer and contractor, to make sure things are working well for both parties.

Contractor Placement


SAP Platform Migrations

Things change and SAP systems need to be moved for various reasons, the whole pick up and move is completely standard and supported and we are certified SAP Migration Consultants. We like migration projects because the tools and the methodologies are standard and robust and the results, when done properly, are impressive. The data is exported into text files and then imported into the new platform, simple, and to be SAP certified you must do the migration at least 3 times so by the time you do Production you have things running very smoothly. We see a lot of customers going to Windows SQL to align their SAP environment with their other systems but others go to different OS and databases for a number of reasons, again we like doing migrations no matter what the source and target are.

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